Themed Weddings

Themed Weddings: from history, to art, to contemporary style.
The finest luxury yachts, the most sumptuous villas, and the most exclusive hotels
Not everyone likes customs and traditions. In particular, some newlyweds may want to impress their guests and commemorate one of the most important days of their lives by recounting some of its quirkiest details.

We are ready to go in whatever direction a couple chooses for their theme, a reflection of their innermost nature and preferences.

☆ It could be anything from a fairy tale or a favourite book to cinema, as well as historical periods, the intricate decorations of Gothic or Baroque art, both of which blend perfectly with the architecture; the Renaissance theme would make Tuscany the ideal location for exclusive celebrations and photo shoots.

☆ From Art Déco to Art Nouveau, from Liberty to Victorian, there are different interpretations of interiors, fabrics and materials.

☆ Somewhere between tradition and modernity, the Japanese or Bollywood styles stand out, featuring lavish gowns, exquisite silks and satins, draped fabrics, gold appliqués, signature music and choreography, and a menu bursting with fine, distinctive flavours. 

☆ The theme of ‘colour‘ is always at the heart of the Elite Status professionals’ work – it evokes emotions and memories and tells your guests more about who you are. From natural nuances to pastels, blues or warm tones, colour palettes can lift up a detail just as well as the protagonists of such a memorable day.

☆ Elite Status likes to go all out and still ensure the highest levels of privacy, glamour, and sophistication. The ultimate luxury for the newlyweds and their guests is a wedding or reception on a private jet or large yacht, superyacht, mega yacht or luxury vessel of 24 metres or more.  Day or night, expect exclusive services and a magical atmosphere. In addition to all wedding planning services offered by Elite Status, our partners and dedicated team take care of all the administrative and technical matters, such as logistics and port permits. We also cover the full range of private transfers by land, sea and air, as well as unarmed security and surveillance services. The Amalfi Coast and Costa Smeralda, Sicily and Puglia, Tuscany and the Tyrrhenian Sea, Venice, Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure are just some of the enchanting destinations that will cast a spell on you. From blue skies to emerald waters, the explosion of colours culminates in a spectacular fireworks display just after sunset. One of our clients’ favourite options is to book a yacht with a grand hotel or a yacht with a renowned villa to stay before or after the event.

Wedding cocktail parties are popular with Gen Z – a modern and refreshing twist. From country to English shabby chic to posh, it all starts with the bride and groom’s favourite style. It could be an uncomplicated setting immersed in nature, with areas and staff dedicated to children and pets – often the most demanding guests – or a more sophisticated one with bespoke features, carefully considered colour schemes, and plenty of whimsy. Perhaps it could be finger food and other culinary delights devised by Elite Status and its most trusted collaborators, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails to suit all tastes, prepared by the best bartenders and served with designer accessories.