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“Being stylish”. How often do we hear these words? Yet, you may wonder, is simply conforming to current fashion norms the way to elevate yourself and reflect who you really are?

All too often, the trends of the day may not resonate with us. More importantly, they are not an accurate representation of our individuality.

Style and class are what set us apart – it is all about celebrating uniqueness. For your personality to shine through, you need the quiet confidence derived from knowing exactly who you are and where you want to go. Your outfits should be more than just clothes – they should be a testament to your story. What kind of aura do you want to project? Will it be one of effortless casualness and simplicity, one of exclusive sophistication, or perhaps one of austere minimalism?

Every detail tells a story. Think of a woman’s posture and gaze, the way she sits, and the tone of her voice when she speaks. The shade of her lipstick or nail polish, how she has her hair styled – details painting a powerful picture. Similarly, the subtle notes of a man’s cologne, the handkerchief in his breast pocket, or the impeccable fit of his suit provide insights into his world. Every decision is a reflection of identity.

So, do the clothes make the person? Well, yes.

In the words of Oscar Wilde, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Superficial as they may appear, your style and clothes are valuable communication tools that offer a glimpse into your soul.

Image consulting is like a journey within yourself. The destination? A mirror that reflects your most ideal self – you, elevated and yet unaltered from mother nature’s original design.
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Those in touch with themselves are the only ones capable of developing a truly original style. Fashion doesn’t enter the picture until much later.

While ‘fashion’ flirts with fleeting trends, ‘style’ is what marketing now classifies as ‘brand identity’. Your style is your signature, leaving an indelible mark everywhere you tread. It’s how you want people to perceive you, whether at work, on a casual Friday, or out celebrating a special event.

Our technical expertise in image consulting combined with our creative vision brings out the very best in your face and figure while gracefully balancing the areas you’d rather not emphasise. Ultimately, this process will transform your body language, paving the way for greater confidence and closer relationships.

Self-care transcends mere vanity and narcissism; it’s the most sublime testament to self-love. This very form of self-respect helps us channel our minor imperfections into strengths – especially under the guidance of our expert consultants.
Our process is an eye-opening experience. First and foremost, it starts with a body shape analysis, delving into the nuances of your figure to understand its structure and dimensions.

Next comes the facial shape analysis, designed to pinpoint the unique contours of your face. With this insight, our experts will curate a selection of tailor-made makeup and hairstyles to accentuate your features beautifully.

Having navigated the first two stages, the third is about selecting garments and accessories – including jewellery – to elevate your overall look beyond the finer details. Drawing on their expertise in colour analysis and meticulous assessment of your skin, eye and hair tones, our team will curate the perfect colour palette just for you.

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