Outsourced Executive Assistant Services

“If at first you don’t succeed, try doing what your Executive or Personal Assistant told you to do the first time.“

At Elite Status, we uphold a culture of excellence driven by two core principles: unwavering professionalism and streamlined efficiency. These values form the foundation of our journey towards business success. Our array of Personal and Executive Assistant services is meticulously crafted for the trailblazers of today – the entrepreneurs, top-tier executives, and freelancers shaping industries.

Our mission.

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, the role of an executive secretary has undergone a profound evolution. No longer confined to administrative tasks, they have emerged as pivotal architects of business success and strategy – these guiding hands offer solutions, reclaim time, and foster adaptability.

An executive secretary is not just a title; it is a vanguard. They stand shoulder-to-shoulder with entrepreneurs and managers, offering a discerning perspective that is both agile and diplomatic at a moment’s notice. This figure embodies the ethos of your business, entrusted with the intricate tapestry of daily tasks, liberating your time for professional and personal pursuits. In this synergy lies a wellspring of added value – an invaluable asset.

Our commitment is to anticipate and fulfil every professional need of managers while deftly orchestrating their personal and familial obligations as needed.

With fluency in multiple languages and long-standing experience honed over the years, our personal and executive assistants are endowed with assertive communication and conflict-resolution skills, allowing them to don the hat of a mediator in the most sensitive of negotiations.

Our assistants stand out for their communication style, yet their prowess extends beyond words – it is in their demeanour, their bearing, and their intimate grasp of etiquette. A synergy of eloquence, manner, and knowledge culminates in well-rounded and balanced professionals who listen intently and communicate effectively through words and gestures.

Our motto echoes through every action: “Strictest confidentiality.” With the privilege of serving HNWIs, preserving client privacy is our sacred duty.

We are committed to providing the highest standards of professionalism and Client service at all times. Efficiency, integrity, dependability are attributes that we strive to achieve in every assignment.

Our personal and executive assistants are poised to deliver a spectrum of services, including:

• Navigating correspondence in nine languages – Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Arabic

• Screening inbound and outbound calls

• Drafting documents

• Preparing the order of business for meetings, speeches, and press releases

• Drafting minutes

• Harmonising the management team’s efforts

• Crafting compelling content for websites and social media, especially LinkedIn

• Translating specialised and non-specialised texts and in-house or off-site interpreting services, where our assistants can accompany C-Suites and provide their expertise and in-depth product knowledge. Our assistants provide unwavering support for both one-day trips and prolonged business expeditions.

• Accompanying leaders to meetings, global expos, and conferences, wearing the hats of assistants, interpreters, and brand ambassadors.

• Assisting in strategic decision-making

• Orchestrating seamless journeys. No detail is too small for us to oversee – we cover everything from arranging travel and lodgings for executives and their guests to coordinating transportation with agencies, whether by train, plane, private jet, or chauffeured cars.

• Planning for, booking the venue, and attending business lunches, dinners, and galas

• Organising events at the company, in private homes or locations chosen by the Client, and liaising with all suppliers.

• Personal sshopper services for both personal and corporate celebrations

• Managing family members’ schedules and calendars, including the children’s activities.

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