Niche Perfumery

A Bouquet of Sensations

The scent dancing off your skin tells a whispered tale of how you care for your body, painting a portrait of who you truly are. In fact, it is quite evocative, often revealing the wearer’s back story. Much as the way we present ourselves is a form of non-verbal communication, so is the perfume we choose.

It can evoke intense emotions by reminding us of a particular place or person. It can emphasise sensuality, hint at modesty or even suggest transgression.

Fragrances have a way of intertwining with our relationships, bringing us closer to or setting us apart from those around us.

Niche perfumes are works of art in their own right, resulting from meticulous attention to detail in selecting and blending rare and natural ingredients.

Today, perfumes can be divided into 7 main olfactory families and a range of sub-categories. The Societé Française des Parfumeurs defines them as Hesperidea or Citrus, Floral, Fougère, Chypre, Woody, Amber or Oriental, and Leather.

Some fragrances have shaped the history of fashion, just as there are movie stars whose names are inextricably linked to a perfume.

Allow us to help you discover yours – elevate your flair and shape the contours of your uniqueness.