Men’s attire

Personal attire and style also play a decisive role in men’s self-image, most notably in the workplace, where they can exude confidence, self-esteem and power.

This means adapting to a variety of settings. From informal, casual chic to semi-formal, requiring shoes and a tie to match the suit, to business formal attire and formal white- or black-tie events.

There are also specific dress codes for weddings — among these, beach weddings warrant a dedicated discussion — and celebrations such as christenings, anniversaries, cocktail parties and even funerals.

Last but not least, accessories. Leave no detail to chance, from the handkerchief in your breast pocket to your watch, tie clip, belt, and shoes.

Relying on the professionals at Elite Status means being inspired to develop a new personal style that will leave an unforgettable impression on the minds of beholders, as has happened to many great personalities in history, business, and cinema.
men's attire