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At Elite Status, we are purveyors of experiential grandeur. To us, true luxury is about cultivating a sense of awareness. It’s about being conscious that what lies ahead is unparalleled, meticulously crafted to resonate with individual desires, standing in a realm beyond comparison. Such luxury carries a symbolic imprint that transcends mere materiality.

Perhaps it’s a singular piece of décor – a masterpiece crafted by artisans – or a collectable work of art that narrates a story. Maybe it’s the exhilarating thrill of a high-adrenaline drive on a car steered by a professional or a gastronomic journey curated by the world’s most illustrious chefs and sommeliers.

We conceptualise and design one-of-a-kind occasions to suit our clients’ requests, but we also offer a wide range of meticulously tailored experiences, ensuring our clientele is spared the mundane task of choosing. Among our crown jewels shines our signature yoga retreat, nestled amidst the stunning Amarone hills. Here, our guests can reconnect with themselves and forge a bond with nature, enjoying its bounty in a gourmet feast followed by an intimate wine tasting.
Or why not stay in a 7-star hotel, a sea-kissed villa, or an ultra-luxury spa for a ‘digital detox’ – a fully-fledged mental and physical health and wellness retreat – with a dedicated butler, private chauffeur, and the ever-present assurance of our on-call concierge.

Imagine an evening at the theatre or casino, arriving at your destination on the gentle swing of a gondola or the timeless elegance of a horse-drawn carriage. Conceive of an exclusive ascent in a hot air balloon, a sunset aperitif aboard a majestic yacht, or boarding a private jet for a quick trip when time is of the essence. For the more athletic, we offer golfing greens, equestrian adventures, sailing under azure skies, exhilarating polo matches, billiards, and a fitness trainer on hand to join you on your travels and create a bespoke training and nutrition plan.

Luxury shines as brightly as our customers, whom we select to embody an exclusive niche that will enjoy our undivided attention, delightful surprises, and indelible moments.

Our passion lies in crafting the unexpected – in elevating the experiences of those who entrust us. With precision and artistry, we shape every proposal, infusing it with our distinct touch of elegance.

Elite Status transcends fleeting trends. We dare to think and act beyond the conventional, committed to surpassing anticipations and delivering nothing less than tailored elegance, artisanship, and the pinnacle of sophistication.

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