“When you ask what love is, imagine two burning hands encountered, two eyes lost in each other, two hearts that tremble faced with the enormity of a feeling, and a few words to make a moment forever.”
Alan Douar

Love! Life revolves around it and the emotions it can elicit.

In all of its manifestations, love has moved the world since time immemorial, inspiring artists, musicians, and poets alike.

Love has no age. Some find love as teenagers, others enjoy a burst of romance, while others celebrate decade-long relationships.

Love is joy – it’s all about sharing, mutual emotions, smiles, and tears. It is the point from which one sets off together on a long journey. There may be obstacles, overcome through feelings, patience and devotion; indeed, it is the most important journey of discovery one can make.

Elite Status’ core business revolves around Destination Weddings. We are listed in the Eccellenze Italiane (Italian Excellence) Register, a trademark registered with the Italian Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy.

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