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We are language artisans. For us, each and every one of our clients’ words is the very essence of their message

When it comes to linguistic services that truly stand out, look no further than Elite Status. Thanks to the founder’s 30+ years of experience and a global network of over 300 skilled freelance linguists and project managers, we are a reliable partner for all your language needs.

Our mission as experts in international and cross-cultural communication is to provide our clients with a prompt, flawless, and bespoke service that meets all of their unique needs. We’re dedicated to preserving the essence of their message, transcending language barriers, and capturing the cultural nuances – all while adhering to the highest standards.

Meet our team of linguists – a league of native or bilingual graduates only, true virtuosos with long-standing and proven experience in their respective domains. These professionals are affiliated with one or more Italian and international trade associations, including ITI, ATA, AITI, ANITI, IAPTI, and more.

Your language needs are met in style, as we offer services in a wide range of languages – we work from and into Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, and Hindi.

Our stand-out features? Nothing short of excellence. We embody quality, professionalism, ethics, punctuality, efficiency, and airtight confidentiality.

Interpreting services:

° Simultaneous interpreting
° Consecutive interpreting
° Liaison interpreting
° Chuchotage or whispered interpreting
° Over-the-phone interpreting (OPI)

We are your partner for in-person and remote solutions that transcend boundaries. Whether it’s captivating audiences at trade shows, leaving a mark at congresses, infusing brilliance into meetings, or adding finesse to seminars or trainings, we’re there. We’re your trusted allies for every scenario – from corporate negotiations and visits to personal events such as weddings and divorces. Our interpreters are your passport to success, available for both B2B and B2C events. And if business takes you on a journey, we’re right by your side. Be it in the heart of Italy or on foreign soil, our interpreters are your cultural bridge for one-day events or longer trips.

Translation and translation-related services:

° Medical and pharmaceutical translation
° Finance and insurance translation
° Technical translation
° Sustainability and environment-related translation
° Literary translation
° Marketing translation
° Fashion and textile translation
° Design and architecture translation
° Automobile/automotive translation
° Yachting-industry translation
° Tool machinery translation
° Tourism and hospitality translation
° Food & Wine translation: rare food and beverages
° Websites and social media profiles translation
° Audiovisual translation
° Proofreading of drafts/texts (whether or not translated by our associates)
° Editing, Post-Editing, and MTPE
° Localisation and Transcreation
° Copywriting
° Dubbing, subtitling, audio transcription and translation.

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